Friday, 28 December 2012

Twoo New Party Dresses

For Christmas i got two new dresses, i am in love with them both and wore one of them on Boxing day when i went out for a meal with my family then Durham with my friends. My second dress i am debating to wear it on New Years Eve or my friends 18th in January, it's very short so i need to wear some thick tights with it but i think it's suppose to be short with the style of dress it is; i can't wait to wear it! 

Primark - £20 
Henry Holland - £35 

Thursday, 27 December 2012


Hope everyone had a fab Christmas and you all got everything you asked for off the big old man, he brought me lots of goodies. I have had a really good few days but now i really should start some Sixth Form work, which is going to be hard to start. I am really looking forward to New years Eve this year as i am having a party with some friends which will be fun, just need to find something to wear now for it. I haven't even had chance to brave the sales yet, has anyone found anything nice? Anywhere worth a look? Let me know. 

Hope you all have a amazing 2013! 

Monday, 10 December 2012

And the winner is...

I love watching X factor especially from the auditions which is my favourite bit, last night I was over the mood that James Arthur won and he really deserved it. I have loved him ever since his first audition till his last song on the final night, he has such an amazing voice and puts his own twist on the songs he sings. I'm really excited to hear the album he produces and would love to see him live. His winners song 'Impossible' is very different to the original but he made it his own. 

Who did you want to win? Jahmene or James? 

Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Mumford And Sons Live!

I went to see Mumford and Sons at Newcastle Metro Radio Arena last night, it was amazing! The atmosphere in the arena was bouncing and everyone sang their hearts out to every song, they sang old and new songs and they truly have an amazing voice. Even better when they can all play about 5 different guitars each and play the drums, so talented. The stage was all lit up and above us was a set of lights which made you feel like you were at a festival. 
My favourite songs were defiantly: Little Lion Man, The Cave, Hopeless Wanderer and Awake my soul. However, its extremely hard to pick one out as they were that good. They came on with one of the support acts The Dawes and sang with them which was amazing, and then The Dawes came on with Mumford and Sons and sang Awake my Soul and a Beatles cover of 'With a little help from my friend' which is by far my favourite cover of that song. 
At one point he said to the audience "When i say Whey, you say Aye!" - replying back with our lovely geordie accents! 
They were so good and are defiantly been one of my favourite bands to see just behind Coldplay in the best bands i've seen live! 

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Christmas Fever Dresses

I'm really excited for Christmas and New Years Eve this year and i really need a new outfit for these special occasions, I've been looking on some websites to look at some Christmas dresses which i would love to have for Christmas Day. 


I love these two dresses from Topshop, especially the first one, which would look nice with a long sleeved collared blouse under it and some thick tights to keep them legs warm. 

Miss Selfridge 

I love this maxi dress, the pattern on the top half is really nice and it looks really sophisticated. Definitely worth the £45.

Urban Outfitters 

I love the dress with the cut out shoulders it would look so nice for a night out and the maxi skirt pattern is very different and would look cosy with a big jumper on top to keep you warm when shopping in them winter sales! 

Tuesday, 27 November 2012


I got back from India on the 19th November, after one of the best weeks but busy holiday i've been on. It's really made me want to travel loads more when i'm older and it's somewhere i would most defiantly visit again. I think going at the time i went during Diwali was an experience i will never ever forget, we arrived on the day of Diwali and it's like our Christmas/bonfire night mixed into one big night, they celebrate for several days like we do with Christmas. When we arrived in Amritsar it was quite warm, maybe the temperature of our May/June as that's the only time we ever get some sun! When we finally arrived at the hotel it was time to get ready for the fireworks outside the hotel it was dark and the whole of India was lit up with lights all over houses, tree's and shops to celebrate it looked really pretty. I will never ever forget the fireworks, it was a scary but exciting experience as the Indians don't care at all about being safe they light a firework while its in their hands and just throw it in the air and the ground while they shoot at us, not caring about if they will hurt us, it was crazy!! The fireworks didn't stop from around 8pm till about 2pm, it really puts our bonfire night to shame. 

While visiting Amritsar we went to the Golden Temple which was so beautiful I can explain to people what the outside looks like because of pictures but inside the temple is something you would never be able to describe to someone unless they had been to it, it was something you would have to see with your own eyes. The atmosphere around the Golden Temple was amazing, Indians had travelled across India for this specific day because of Diwali it meant a lot to them and it was extremely busy, you would look around and they would be people washing themselves in the holy water around the temple and just praying. The same day we visited the Indian/Pakistan border, which I would recommend anyone to go and see, the atmosphere there was so loud and everyone was there to enjoy themselves. The guards put on a parade on both sides of the gate and try to out do each other, the crowds on both sides are so loud and cheering on for their country. It was really weird seeing and being so close to Pakistan. 

 The food was so nice, the curry's are nothing like what you get over in a take-away in England they are a lot more spicy and just a lot more nicer. I tried so many things i can't even remember what i've actually ate. After the Golden Temple day we went to the Taj Mahal, we arrived in Agra and went to the Red Fort which our guide told us the story of the man who built the Taj Mahal. We went to the Taj Mahal and it is the most beautiful building ever and the story behind it is very sweet. I would defiantly go back to India it's such an amazing place and Indians are very friendly, it's a big culture shock but you kinda expect it from what you hear about the place, i really want to be back now! 


I haven't been on here for a while as i've been extra busy with work and travelling, this weekend i went to London for the weekend it was a really nice trip and made me get in the Christmas mood as London was all lit up and markets were up and made it so cute. On the Friday when we got there, our hotel was only 5 minutes away from the Thames and there was a German Christmas market on near the London Eye, we had a look down and they had some really cute things that would be perfect for friend's and families Christmas presents. I bought myself a furry ear warmer as it was freezing but they are extra cosy for your ears and look really nice with anything. 

On Saturday I went shopping and the first place we went was Convent Garden's it was all decorated with a huge Christmas Tree and decorations hanging from the roof which looked really nice, the market had so much to choose from and it has some very different shops which I wouldn't get at home. I bought myself a ring on the market which was only £5, I love different jewellery that you wouldn't get in a high street shop and markets are the best place to find them. Me and my Mam then headed to Oxford Street and it was packed as there was loads of things going on down the street, i looked in the Forever 21 shop and I am in love with it, the clothes are so nice and i love the website, i got a bit excited going in and seen the selection they had. I wish they had one up north. We went to Harrods and if you want to get in the Christmas mood, you should all go to Harrods! They have their own christmas bit in the shop and so much to choose from, even though everything was far too expensive it's great looking at everything they have in. I went to the pet bit and the dogs are so cute, it makes me want one even more. I was really excited to see Harrod's christmas window as i had seen pictures on here of it and it looked amazing, it really was amazing! It was all Disney princess's and they had dressed them up in beautiful dresses, my favourite was Little Mermaid. 

 Sunday, we weren't leaving till half 6 so we had a full day to look round, i had been excited for today all weekend as we were going to Camden Town and have been dying to go for ages! I love it there and really want to live there when i'm older, it's such a cool place and so different to any where else i've ever been to. I love the market stalls and the food smelled delicious, i bought myself a checky shirt from a vintage shop there and a Boy London sweat shirt which is really cosy!