Wednesday, 13 November 2013

New Blog!

Hi guys, 

Please will you all follow my new blog, i will be posting on the new one more than this one (hopefully) 


Saturday, 27 April 2013


The big holiday i have been awaiting for around 2 years to come, finally arrived on the 31st of March! I have never been so excited in my life to firstly go to America for the first time and secondly to fly into the most fabulous place on earth, LAS VEGAS. I traveled down to London on the Friday morning to spend most of the day there looking round and to stop over night to then fly the next morning at Gatwick Airport. We flew around 11 am on the 1st April on the biggest plane i have ever stepped foot on, it had a upstairs! Finally arriving, after a 10 hr flight and landing 3 pm Vegas time we were finally here. Literally the best week of my life and i recommend anyone to go just so they can experience how crazy it is. We tried to do everything as possible whilst beating jet lag and having some lazy time round the pool - a lot better than the 1 degrees back home, however, LESSON TO SELF - ALWAYS REMEMBER TO WEAR SUN CREAM! Burning is not good. We were staying in the Mirage Hotel which was amazing and massive and crazy!! 
We managed to get in nearly every hotel to just see how amazing each one was, they all have different themes, my favourite being the Paris hotel as the Eiffel tower is above it and inside is like little paris streets - so cute. For someone who is pretty scared of heights and rides i went on the New York New York rollarcoaster 3 times and the ride on top of the Stratosphere, by far the scariest thing i have ever experienced. I also went to see the Jersey Boys which was amazing. 

I advise EVERYONE to go, it's amazing and somewhere you must see! 

Our room

View from our room

The Bellagio Fountains 

Favourite shop EVER! 

Waffles for breakfast - why not

M&M world 

"Is this the real Caesars Palace?"

The Stratosphere 

Stratosphere Ride. 

View from the Eiffel Tower

New York New York & Rollarcoaster

Only met Alan from the Hangover ;)

Leavers Ball

It has been a while blogger so i thought i'd update you on my Easter Holidays which was amazing. I had the best night ever on 30th March as it was my school's leavers ball, which was so much fun! 
We had it at the Raddison Hotel in Durham, which we had a 3 course meal, lots of wine, awards and to end with a lot of dancing. It was great being with the whole year for one last time before it gets all serious before exams start. Everyone looked all glammed up and look lovely. 

I wore a navy lace backless dress from Littlewoods - £40 and heels from New Look - £22 I decided to have my hair in a loose fishtail plait to have something a little different for the night. 

Sunday, 24 March 2013


I've just bought this bargain of a dress for my holidays and i am in LOVE with it, the colour is perfect! I'm so excited to wear it when i'm away and for the summer! 


Thursday, 7 March 2013

Rihanna @ River Island

How exciting that Rihanna has made clothes that are affordable!?! So So Exciting. Her collection is fab and i'm planning on getting a few items for when i see her in July at T in the Park. Everything is so simple but just nice for the summer weather.