Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My week in photos

The past week I have been extremely lazy, i think it's this weather making me just want to stay in bed all day, if it wasn't for Sixth Form i would of stayed in bed all day! I have took myself out to play in the snow, i am really a big kid and actually enjoying the snow this time round. Durham has really got it bad and the snow is getting deeper, which is fun! Hope your all enjoying the snow as much as me!! Also got two conditional offers from Sunderland Uni and Chester Uni, had to write an article for Leeds Met and London Met, got an interview for Leeds Trinity!! HAPPY SARAH! 

If your all walking anywhere in this weather, i've been listening to Mumford and Ben Howard in the snow. So PERFECT! 

1) Me and a friend out in the snow

2) Sledging Fun 

3) Came across an old baby photo of me, cute! 

4) Our Harry Styles snowman

5) Got some leather looking leggings, please mind the state of my room!

6) Harry the snowman

7) Friends 18th Party

8) 18th Birthday party  

9) 18th Birthday party  

10) Just chilling in my hat and onesie. 

11) In LOVE with Rihanna's new hair 

12) Converse are the wrong shoes for this weather



Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Bag Help!!

Happy New Year Everyone! 

I need some help, i am after a new bag for sixth form as the one i am currently using is falling to pieces. The style i am after is a long shoulder bag and big enough to fit files, books etc. in. I've searched eBay and it's being no luck to me today and even some of the high street websites have nothing on them. 

So if anyone knows anywhere good to buy cheap but nice bags let me know asap! 

Thanks x